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Krungthep Thai Cuisine Reviews on Grubhub


2 reviews
The food was exactly what I ordered, tasted delicious, and arrived about 30 minutes after the order was placed so it was the right temperature. The driver was friendly, as always (Krungthep us my go-to place for Thai food). Another lovely meal that I didn't have to prepare brought right to my door after a grueling work week ~ just perfect.


Top Reviewer
Always so good! I like to order curries,and they always give enough rice when you order extra. It's delicious, and delivery is very friendly!


1 review
Would like to that j the delivery guy! He came with a smile and positive attitude that increased the overall experience! Great job!


2 reviews
Great food with high flavor profiles. Made modifications as requested and labeled the did accordingly. Was ready in estimated time.


1 review
Easy to find delicious food and I will be returning to eat there again and I would definitely recommend this place to my friends

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Krungthep Thai Cuisine Reviews on Seamless


1 review
Quick, good, and relatively inexpensive


1 review
It is delicious!

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Krungthep Thai Cuisine

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